Things You Should Know About Types Of Tea

Although there is a wide variety of tea that look, smell and taste different to choose from they all come from the same source, the tea plant which referred to as Camellia Sinensis scientifically. The appearance, aroma and flavour of each brand of tea change based on the growing conditions, processing and growing conditions of the tea plant. Here are some of our favourite types of tea.

Green tea

Green tea retains the colour of its leaves by not oxidizing the leaves while they are being processed. Instead various methods such as pan frying or roasting the tea leaves is used to prevent them from oxidizing. Green tea is very popular in China and Japan, who offer the tea in various delicious flavours. The tea will be yellowish in colour once you add hot water rather than a shade of green. Since the leaves are delicate green tea should be stored in a cool location and consumed as soon as possible rather than letting it steam.

Herbal tea

Unlike most tea’s on this list isn’t a true tea; it’s made using infusing tea leaves with spices, herbs, hot water and other plant materials. Like most types of tea, it can be served both hot and cold and is very good for your health. Lloose leaf herbal tea, has many variations such as Peppermint, Ginger, chamomile and lemon balm; each of which possess their own unique health benefits which are normally stated for your convenience when you’re buy herbal tea online. 

Black tea

Black tea is a true tea that is allowed to wither when it is being processed; the leaves are dried to let the water evaporate from the leaves and let the leaves absorb more oxygen, giving the tea leaves a darkish complexion. Because of the way it is processed the coffee will contain a high level of caffeine when compared to other types of tea.

White tea

This is one the sweetest and delicate type of tea that tea lovers enjoy for its subtle but complex flavours. White tea is made using the shoots of tea plans and do not go through an oxidation process. The tea should be prepared using a very flow flame and also should steeped for a short time compared to other types of tea on this list. Due to white tea being prepared under hot temperatures white tea will contain a lower caffeine level than any of the other types of teas on this list. Unlike most types of teas on this list which go through some sort of machine processing white tea is hand-processed.