Essential Things To Remember When Planning A Family Reunion

Being a wedding planner is a high pressure job but it is also a rewarding one. If you have an upcoming family reunion and you are in charge of all the planning then you need to be prepared for an overwhelming task. Your coordination and organization skills are very important in ensuring a successful event. Family gatherings are the perfect opportunity to catch up with long lost relationships in order to bring back the old times and of course create new and exciting memories together. Whether you plan to book some reservation to an Italian restaurant or have a barbecue cookout party it is important to make the entire event enjoyable for both adult and kids. There are many ideas that you can incorporate to make the event a success.

1. Always plan in advance

If you are planning to have a huge reunion that will involve your relatives abroad you need to have at least six months to one year to plan these events. This gives you enough time to look for venues, plan for programs and send invites. Planning in advance is also favorable for many people because they can plan their schedule ahead of time. In this case you can expect more guests to arrive.

2. You can always ask for help.

Doing all the planning can be very overwhelming and tiring at the same time. Organizing a planning committee can help make things a lot easier for you. You can ask for volunteers and inputs from some of your relatives. The bigger your group is the easier it is to plan a major family gathering. You can assign each person a specific task like searching for an Italian restaurant in Inner West so that everything will be ready a month before the reunion.

3.Send the invites also in advance

If you are hosting a family reunion for more than 100 family members from different parts of the world the invites needs to be send one year in advance. Remember that it is not cheap to travel so they need time to book for cheaper flights, plan their vacation leaves and save some pocket money. Plan a programPlanning a program or some activities is important during family gatherings. It prevents family members from getting bored. You need to think of some interactive games for the children and adults so everyone will have fun. Make sure to prepare small but memorable prizes so everyone would consider participating during the entire event. If the reunion would last for a few days it would be best to look for a bigger venue with outdoor amenities like swimming pool, playgrounds so everyone can keep themselves busy.