How To Maintain A Healthy Heart

Heart is the organ that pumps blood throughout the body via circulatory system. It is one the most important organ in the human body, therefore it is important to keep it healthy. This could be done by having a healthy lifestyle. One needs to make certain lifestyle changes to achieve this and some of them have been mentioned below.

Give up smoking/tobacco

Everyone knows that smoking is injurious to one’s health. It causes cancer and it’s a form of slow suicide as it kills. It is also one of the main causes for coronary heart disease. If one has been smoking for years it is hard to give up, but there are many options which make this easy such as having nicotine patches. Passive smoking is equally harmful. This is when one inhales harmful smoke. Exposure to passive smoking can cause harmful disease or even death. Therefore it is important to maintain a distance even when someone else is smoking.

Incorporate items which are good for your heart

There are different items which are good for the heart. According to a study camel milk benefits include to balance cholesterol in the body. It helps to reduce bad cholesterol. Also having foods rich in fibre such as wholegrain cereals, potatoes with their skin on help to maintain it.

Slip on those Nikes

One needs to maintain a healthy weight in order to have a healthy heart. Overweight people have more risk of getting heart attack or coronary heart disease. It is important to exercise regularly. If one is young they should join gym and get themselves fit. Old people need to go for regular walks. This will also lower the risk of other diseases such as diabetes

Say no to alcohol

Drinking alcohol for long term in large quantities can lead to heart disease. It can also lead to increase in weight which is bad for the heart. One should refrain from drinking and incorporate more healthy items in the body such as camel milk in Australia.

Get enough sleep

Although sometimes we take our sleep lightly, it could be the cause of many problems. If one doesn’t have enough sleep they would have issues like acne and will have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. It is crucial to sleep at least 6 to 8 hours. One should try to get into bed before 12am for overall health. Also one shouldn’t oversleep as that is equally bad.Lastly one needs to maintain a healthy oral hygiene. This sounds unrelated to heart but according to research those who have gum disease also have the risk of heart disease. Also one needs to be stress free because healthy mind breeds a healthy body.